Payyanur Service Co-operative Bank is a leading class I special Grade Bank of Taliparamba Taluk having an area of operation spreading payyanur village of payyanur municipality and Annur, Kandoth areas of Vellur village. Bank has a deposit outstanding of 101 crores and loan outstanding of 89 cores and profit making continuously. Later year 15 % divident was distributed to members. In addition to the head office, there are 10 branches, one Fertiliser depot and Neethi Medical store. Bank was at first functioning in a rented building and later shifted to own building and later shifted to own building since 22-06-1976. Head office, Main branch, Evening branch, Annur, Kotty branches, fert depot and Neethi medical store are functioning in own buildings. As on 28-02-2013, there are 15069 A class members, 31520, ‘C’ class members and 2624 ‘D’ class members. There are 55 regular staff members and 11 commission employees. ‘A’ class membership is general membership and ‘C’ class membership is for gold loans. ‘D’ class membership is given for those who are in Payyanur block area, and it is given only for sanctioning property loans, salary loans and gold loans. ‘B’ class membership is for the Government.

The has been declared as “Class I Super Grade Bank” by Registrar of Cooperative Society with effect from 1-April-2013.